Real Estate Drone

Enhance your property’s visual story with precision and professionalism!

Part 107 Certified 4K Video Photography Videography

Aerial Experience

Drone Showreel

My Showreel , a product of the Advanced Drone Cinematography course at Grossmont College. Where we explored dynamic aerial storytelling techniques, featuring orbits, tracking shots, overhead perspectives, flyovers, and reveals. Each frame captures the essence of technical precision and creative exploration, showcasing the mastery gained in this immersive course.

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Experience the impact of extraordinary real estate visuals.

The power of exceptional real estate visuals ensures that your property’s visual storytelling transcends the ordinary. Enhance your listings with precision and professionalism.

With Part 107 FAA certification, I leverage 100 hours of piloting and visual observation expertise, seamlessly capturing captivating aerial footage to elevate property marketing.  Backed by decades of photographic mastery and cinematic insight, I excel in both ground and aerial real estate photography.



Property Loss

Drawing from personal experience, I understand the importance of insurance and property loss documentation. Having navigated the aftermath of a house fire in 2015, I took charge in working with our insurance, contractors, and the city for the rebuilding process. This involved capturing detailed photos of the damage, personal property losses, and construction rebuild phases.

Beyond technical expertise, my approach is driven by empathy and a seasoned eye for detail, ensuring that your property’s visual storytelling transcends the ordinary, providing a comprehensive record for insurance purposes and showcasing the resilience of your space. 


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Real Estate

Rebuild Gallery

Fire Damage - KitchenKitchen After Fire
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